Tzoneurakis Aristeidis

The turning point in the life of creator and designer Aristeidis Tzoneurakis took place in 2002, when he met with the famous “Greek Tailor” Kostakis Gkikas at the Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation Institution in Nafplio. As Gkikas’ assistant and student, Tzoneurakis – who left his college studies to follow his passion for the arts – had the opportunity to learn from the skills of his teacher but also work with important professionals, like Ioanna Papantoniou, stage and costume designer and President of the Institution.

In 2003 he attended courses at the PANSIK Fashion School and in 2006 he opened a small manufacturing store in Argos. Tzoneurakis makes traditional costumes for different regions in Greece, merging tradition with innovative design.

Tzoneurakis has skillfully hand-embroidered The Faidra bag for TRIA ETC.