The Rizarios Foundation

The Rizarios Foundation is considered one of the most important national bequests in Greece. It was founded in 1841 by the great national benefactors Manthos and Georgios Rizaris and is located in their birthplace, Monodendri. During their childhood, the Rizaris brothers emigrated to Russia, where they built a fortune out of their commercial activities. After the establishment of the independent Greek state, they donated all their wealth to their home country.

The Rizarios Handcraft School of Monodendri, established in 1979, aims to preserve the traditional handcraft arts and provide professional training to young girls of the greater area that would otherwise have limited job opportunities. Students are mainly trained in weaving and needlework on traditional looms operated exclusively by hand. Most recently, jewellery-making and the use of silk have been added to the curriculum as students blend traditional techniques and designs with modern ones to produce pieces of the highest quality.

TRIA ETC has collaborated with the Rizarios Foundation for the creation of The Anna Collection of shawls and The Ifigeneia Collection of colourful pillows, all of them hand-loomed.