The Mentis Center

The Mentis Center for the Preservation of Traditional Yarn Techniques is one of the oldest yarn manufactories specializing in the production of handmade trimmings since 1867. For over a century and a half, its products decorated traditional Greek costumes, theatrical costumes, religious vestments, military uniforms, shoes and other accessories, including jewellery. They were also extensively used by Greek and international couturiers. 

After the manufactory closed down in 2011, Spyros, Marina and Othon Mentis donated the yarn equipment and the remaining merchandise to the Benaki Museum in Athens. Visitors of the Mentis Center have the opportunity to learn about the different stages of silk- and yarn-processing and creation of trimmings as well as purchase ready-made merchandise or order made-to-measure items. In addition, the museum hosts educational programs on the techniques of yarn-weaving and -knitting. 

Custom-made trimmings from The Mentis Center decorate many of TRIA ETC's exclusive accessories while an exclusive line of tie-dyed scarves were also created in collaboration with the Benaki Museum.