Lalas Thanassis

Thanassis Lalas, born in Greece but now living between Athens, Paris and Miami, is a journalist who, over the past fifteen years, has devoted himself to painting and sculpture. His holistic approach to life is best reflected in his work, which is not limited to any single form. Lalas first started drawing on notebooks, art diaries but also everyday objects, creating his own unique artistic world – the world of Thanassis Lalas. He has held three solo exhibitions (2003, 2006, 2010) that defined his career and artistic approach.

Lalas has served as Director and Editor of the largest newspaper by circulation in Greece, "To Vima tis Kyriakis," and is the creative mind behind the bestselling magazine for young people "FREE" and the free press "FAQ." Today he runs the magazine "Portrait Documentaries." He is best known for having published over 3500 interviews of exceptional Greek and international people. In 2003 Lalas received the "Alekos Lidorikis Award for Journalism" by the University of Athens, in recognition of his work ethos and overall contribution and innovation in practicing journalism.

TRIA ETC has collaborated with Thanassis Lalas on the creation of uniquely hand-drawn dinnerware and sunglasses, The Penelope and The Ilektra Collections, respectively, as well as on The Magdas, silk scarves that tell a story.